Monday, August 02, 2010

Julian Assange, slimy little bastard who SHOULD be worried

Though I doubt our AG has the balls or integrity to do it, fact is the background is there that says "We can grab the bastard."

Second, here's the slimy little turd's 'protection'*:
Apparently Wikileaks is feeling the pressure because last week they posted an encrypted 1.4GB file on the site labeled simply as 'insurance'. It's believed to be the remainder of all classified US military documents they have and expected that Wikileaks allies would release the key should Assange be detained.
The only proper answer to this is grab his ass, charge him, and help anyone who takes harm because of his actions sue his ass off. Over and over and over. Screw playing games with this piece of crap.


Keith said...

I have a really bad feeling about this.

Yes, by all means go for Assange for the present security breach. It seems he has thrown open the files on US intelligence and counter intelligence techniques.


Is this the stalking horse which will be used to stop general malpractice being given an airing in public?

The sorts of things which I'm thinking about are the usual:

cheating on expenses, taking backhanders for award of contracts, getting jobs for sons, daughters and lovers, harrassing the lives and businesses of people whom officials envy...

And the unusual:
Fabricated evidence and planted evidence, suppressed evidence and witness testimony in criminal cases.

Leaks by practitioners of the dark arts who get a conscience.

Those in say, Burma or Tibet, who get hold of some juicy material and need to get it out.

I get the bad feeling that Assange is going to be the pretext to close down those potential benefits of the net.

Another door closed as the endarkenment returns?

Keith said...

Looks like that great defender of US exceptionalism the WaPo is putting out opinion pieces like this:

That is hardly singing from their usual song sheet. why is the WaPo asking its readers to look in that direction, what is going on in the other direction?

Keith said...

Sorry to keep filling the comments up here, but...

Would we be so upset if he'd posted say the PRC's secrets?

And, would we actually trust that they were real secrets, and not a clever counter intelligence move by the PRC?

Just assuming that the US leaks are the real thing, is this using "a spratt to catch a mackerel"?

Marja, commented on the Soviets shelling their own town of Mainilla so they could blame the Finns and launch a major invasion under the pretext of "self defense". Although the invasion went drastically wrong for the commies (Finns have my eternal admiration for that and many other things as well), they did end up securing the Karellian peninsula, and commies always have been willing to pay a massive price in other people's lives to achieve their goals.

Perhaps in my speculation, I'm giving your commie in chief too much credit for subterfuge, cockup is always more likely than conspiracy, and whether or not it began as a conspiracy, commies and progressives never let a good crisis go to waste.

Careful what you wish for; you might get it!

Anonymous said...

No, Keith, we should be upset because his kind will NEVER publish the secrets of any government/country except the US. The only wish I would have is that he threaten to publish the secrets of the PRN. Next day no julie and no problem...

Keith said...

Sorry, I'm making my point badly.

1) I'm worried that this will be used as a pretext for an attempt to censor the net.

2)we are assuming that the released files are real. although highly unlikely, they could be disinformation. The point I'm trying to make is, if they were from China or Russia, we would strongly suspect that they were deliberately released disinformation.

3)Marja's comment reminded me that it is almost a hallmark of commie operations that their own side suffers massive casualties. Perhaps their operations are planned that way. The US has a commie in chief.

I agree, If it had been almost any other major military power's files, Julian would be found suicided (the pressure got to him...), or fed unusual food supplements. Past specials on the menu have included Polonium cocktails and dioxin soup.