Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A short catchup on the last few @)**&#! days

Short version:
Son advised what date the unit was starting back to the US, asked me if I'd like to come.(hell YES)
A week later, after reservations made, informed me that the date had changed, so had to redo reservations*.
Turns out that the date had been changed at least a week ago, but the troops hadn't been advised; isn't that wonderful?
Get set up, find out day before was heading out that would be a day later.(Yes, you DO see a theme here)
At halfway point, found out arrival moved ANOTHER day(airplane trouble).
At destination, ANOTHER day.
And then, after having gotten to "late Monday night", on Monday I was informed that they now were in Germany with more plane trouble(whatever airline had been contracted with should be dealt with. I'd settle for mass defenestration). and it would be Wednesday before they got back.

So it went from having a couple of days together to a day to part of a day to a few hours to effing nothing. Same for every other family member of other troops who made the trip. The airline I've already mentioned; the command level of the unit apparently couldn't organize an outbreak of venereal disease in a whorehouse. And, just to back that up, there was a very nice lady on post who was trying to keep families informed of dates and so forth; the morons in charge weren't getting her the information. Twice son had a chance to call and advise me of the changes, I contacted her and she hadn't heard a word; both times it was the next day before she was given the word. Not effing good, is it?

So. I'm back, I'm tired, achy and pissed and have a headache from the flight home, and spent a bunch of money I couldn't really afford to almost no end.

Oh, and Bank of Oklahoma sucks even worse than I'd previously mentioned. They had promised they'd overnight the stuff to me so I could take it with me; not only did it not arrive overnight, it's now FIVE FREAKIN' DAYS LATER and they never arrived.

I can say, however, my hand/arm's better, thanks for asking.

*first time I've flown; do you know what airlines charge for having the temerity to cancel a reservation two weeks before the date?(No last minute stuff,this) By the time the 'cancellation charge' and so forth was added up...


Keith said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

This is the military at it's finest.

All changes are subject to change.

I did a three month Caribbean cruise on a Frigate years ago where we never got mail the whole cruise (this was before the days of internet on Navy ships...mail was pretty much our only means of communication with home). Basically, for the entire three months, we were never where we were supposed to be when we were supposed to be there due to "operational commitments" and schedule changes. We and our mail never intersected during the entire cruise and we finally ended up getting a huge delivery of 3 months worth of mail (for about 250 people) about 2 weeks after we got home.

The cookies were stale.

Jennifer said...

That does suck. I'm sorry.