Saturday, August 14, 2010

I hate a morning that starts like this

Wake up feeling horribly hungry, that shortly turns to queasy, that turns to barfing when you don't have anything to barf. Finally settled down a bit so made a few biscuits and they seem to have settled things down quite a bit more. No idea why things started off this way.

Son called the other day, the unit's settling in pretty well. And it's still cooler there by 5-10 degrees than here. Spent the evening helping daughter with some stuff at her house, then watched an episode of Warehouse 13, which I'd never seen before. Interesting show.

And, just to keep Dick's spirits up, thought I'd post a bit of pretty for the day

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Linoge said...

Warehouse 13 is not quite as good as Eureka, and not nearly as bad as Supernatural, so I consider it a relatively good compromise... It tends to grow on you over time, though.

Hope you get to feeling better.