Saturday, August 14, 2010

The gentleman over

here takes note of the denizens of some military posts:
Of course, being an Army post, there's a few other things to watch out for: fire ants, black widows, brown recluses, cottonmouths, rattlesnakes, and coral snakes. All of which we are told the post has an abundance of. Oh, and skunks that will actually chase you if they feel you are between them and their preferred dumpster.

Which reminded me: when son was in CAP, one summer went to an encampment at Fort Sill. On fire watch one night he heard one hell of a fight outside and peeked around the corner to find a big raccoon arguing with a momma skunk- and the five kiddies- about who had the rights to the trash cans at this barracks.

He left them to settle things amongst themselves.

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YeOldFurt said...

Republican arguing with Democrats?
Fort Polk, Fort Benning, figure they are still the same for wildlife.