Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Having had some sleep, I'm a bit better off

Still pissed, though; got a call this afternoon that son's unit has been delayed ANOTHER day. The whatever airline(and I want their name) with the effed-up plane has brought in another plane, so hopefully the bastards did their proper maintenance on this one.

From the trip, someday I'd like to go back to the Guadalupe Mountains and hike around. Flat beautiful area, which in this part of the world often translates as "Will still kill you if you don't watch it." As you head into each pass there's a sign 'Caution: high winds' with a windsock nearby. And lots of 'Falling Rock' signs, seeing as how the shoulder often ends in a near-vertical wall. I went through in hot, clear weather with light winds; no matter the season and no matter what kind, I would HATE to have to drive through the area in a storm. But I'd love to have time to load up and walk around, maybe do some climbing*.

And it's an area I'd damn well carry a sidearm whether the Park Service liked it or not.

And in El Paso found a little restaurant called El Chaparral on Montana a few blocks from the motel. Damn good food, they make their red and green picante sauce(and chips, and tortillas), and they know the difference between 'spicy and good flavor' and 'hot enough to burn your tongue off so you can't taste the stuff'.

*No, I do not mean like a bloody spider up a vertical wall

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