Friday, August 13, 2010

While back I mentioned DOJ playing games with troops voting procedures;

it gets worse. Better to read it than me make a bunch of excerpts. However, I will put up two parts, the first to whet your interest:
Let the public judge how aggressively the DOJ is willing to protect military voters in their recommendations to the FVAP.

We have reason to worry. Unbelievably, the DOJ earlier this year proffered the outlandish argument that once a waiver was granted for 2010, it would continue to apply for future elections, including the 2012 Presidential election. This incorrect and equivocal reading of MOVE was conveyed to multiple people, including state election officials. It demonstrates a timid mindset dangerous to military voting rights.

The DOJ would never adopt such an equivocal approach to protecting the voting rights of a racial minority.

No wonder Senator John Cornyn made it clear to DOJ officials this won’t be tolerated anymore. After the Senator’s scolding, the DOJ jettisoned the permanent waiver argument.

But Senator Cornyn is still on guard. He has put a hold on the Senate nomination for the number two man at the DOJ, James Cole. Cornyn placed the hold on the Deputy Attorney General nominee after learning from meeting minutes that a Voting Section official made remarks to state election officials encouraging waivers, and telegraphing an aversion to suing states for violating MOVE.

The Washington Times interviewed state election officials who were present for the speech — they reported that the remarks by the Voting Section official were even worse than reported in the meeting minutes

And the contact information:
In the meantime, the public, particularly military families and veterans groups, have a right to petition their government and voice their opinion about the waivers. Citizens can reach FVAP and tell them to deny all waiver requests at 800-438-8683 or Citizens can petition the DOJ and tell them both to recommend against granting the waivers and to sue states who submitted them at (202) 307-2767 or

I suspect Holder & Co. have had so much heat the past while they're more likely to pay attention, so pass it around and put the heat on.

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