Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two things on the McDonald decision

First, from Second City Cop:
  • Last Friday, as Daley awaited the Supreme Court ruling, he continued to fret about the dilemma the ruling would cause police officers, firefighters and paramedics arriving at emergency scenes.

    “What does a first-responder [do when they] come to your home, if you have 50 guns and you pointed a gun at your wife? You have a legal right to a gun,” the mayor said.
Um, Mayor Asshat? It's illegal to actually point a gun at your wife. Seriously. Look it up. You were the Cook County States Attorney for how long? What a fucking stupid argument Shortshanks is attempting to make.

And as for the pretend concern, the fact is any cop who has worked the streets has responded to a location where there was a gun. And if you maintain situational awareness and keep things under control, you usually never even saw the gun. People don't run around broadcasting they've got guns in the home. If they did, the CPD would have taken it away and they wouldn't have it when they needed it.

The fact is that legally owned firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens are seldom a problem. Legit citizens don't usually have run-ins with the police and don't need the police around to live upright and moral lives. What they do need is a means to defend themselves, their families and their homes when the government can't.

Second, from Tam:
Is there any wine sweeter than the tears of Mayor Daley?

How does it feel to want, Dickie?
The VPC is, of course, predicting bodies stacked like cordwood and blood running in the gutters worse than it already has been in Chicago. Just like they've predicted that in every state that passed 'shall-issue' carry laws. Oh, and on this line:
In the two years since that decision, only 900 firearms have been registered in the District that otherwise could not have been registered before the Heller ruling. The citizens of DC reject the wrong-headed notion that more guns make us safer.
No, there's only been 900 because the DC authorities are still working hard to make it as difficult and expensive as possible for someone to legally own one, you chickenshit little bastards. And you know it.


Marja said...

One small bit of heartwarming from my country: the online discussions about the McDonald decision here by ordinary people I have read have, so far, actually been dominated by our pro-gun group, and dominated well. The hoplophobes use feelings and irrational arguments, pro-gun individuals mostly facts and reasoned arguments.

One of the blessings of internet: you can find those facts press leaves out.

The main Finnish newspaper, by the way, used a funny picture for their net article, about a demonstration against the decision. The funny was that there seemed to be about five people in it.

Keith said...

Bans and restrictions only work on people who are willing to obey them.

Heroin, Cocaine and Meth-amphetamine are all banned from recreational sale in most places in the world, but they're all available for sale in virtually any small town in the world.

Phil Luty, has shown how easily a ban on firearms can be bypassed by anyone wanting to bypass it. No Lathe or mill required, just ordinary DIY tools, and some standard size hydraulic tubing. I see that there is a kindle edition of his book available now.


Going to the next level of compexity, WWii resistance groups and the Zionists in pre '47 Palestine, cloned STENs by the thousand. They did it under conditions of metal rationing, extreme shortage of machine tools and under a military occupation which would torture then execute them if they were even suspected.

There's an interesting link here:

The American colonists could make good rifle barrels before there were any factory made lathes, and before milling machines were even invented.

The great father figure of chemistry, creator of the periodic table; Mendeleev, worked out and described how to make and purify excellent nitro-cellulose propellent, and I bet it's a lot easier and safer than making meth - and if a bunch of clowns with their baseball caps on backwards can cook meth...

oh, yeah, non safety match head is pretty much the same as corrosive chlorate primer composition. With safety matches, you'd just have to scrape the red phosphorus off the box and do some wet mixing.

What I'm saying is, there is only people's willingness to respect stupid laws and restrictions which keeps them disarmed. Those who have no respect for the laws are armed, and prey on the law abiding.

How long are law abiding folks going to put up with the risk of being gag raped, robbed, mugged or just whacked by the lawless who know that they can prey on de-clawed victims?

For anyone reading who thinks I could be helping terrorists ... If you think that, you need to wake up some, the terrorists already know lots more than that.

Mattexian said...

I think the biggest holdup of the "only 900 guns registered in DC" is that any guns would have to be bought at a licensed firearms dealer within the city (no way to legally "transport firearms across state lines" from VA or Maryland), and AFAIK there's only one, and he works for the Brady Bastids.