Thursday, June 24, 2010

Range report: Marlin 99M1

of which I can't find a good picture. Basically take the Model 60, shorten the barrel to 18", shorten the tube magazine to hold 9 rounds and give it a handguard for a resemblance to the M1 Carbine. The one I fired still had the original iron sights* and sling swivels.

Marlin has made a bunch of variations of the Model 60, all using the same receiver, both tube- and box-magazine fed. They all tend to be reliable** and accurate and inexpensive(And I just found Xavier's post on the 99M1). The one I fired was no exception: it ate Winchester bulk-pack, Federal bulk-pack hollowpoint and Federal Auto Match with no problems and gave good accuracy. No bench so just rested the forend, so 'good' is ' as good as I could hold'. Iron sights and not the best light at 25 yards didn't help; with better light and a solid rest, I think this one would give equal accuracy to Xavier's test piece.

Also, like Xavier, I found this one to have a very nice trigger; short takeup and a clean break, no creep or drag.

I've wanted one of these for years, just because I liked the looks of them. Having fired one, I'll have to hope for luck at a show sometime.

*Original rear locks onto the scope-mount grooves on the receiver, and like the Erma they tend to get lost; people take them off to mount a scope and lose them. It's a open notch site, not an aperture like the Erma.
**Daughter's first rifle was an M60 I bought a long time ago; she's still got it and it's still ticking along nicely.

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Anonymous said...

I have one of these, picked it up on sale at a local store on sale for $26 around 1973.