Monday, June 21, 2010

Another LE agency that obviously has too much free time,

since they've got time for this crap:
Investigators bought switchblades and gravity knives - prohibited in the state - at 14 locations, including big-name retailers Home Depot, Paragon and Eastern Mountain Sports.
Fine, those knives are illegal; you've got murders and rapes and robberies and so forth so under control that you can spend all this time on this?
The stores - and four others - have already agreed to stop selling them, relinquish their inventories, turn over all profits from selling the illegal blades over the past four years and contribute to a public awareness campaign.
Ah, so they're making money off it! Explains some, doesn't it?
And now we come to the real bullshit:
"What makes these knives so dangerous is the ease with which they can be concealed and brandished," Manhattan district Attorney Cy Vance said Thursday.
Absolute and utter bullshit. But I guess that sells well in NYEffin'C.

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Keith said...

and they are damned useful for farmers, climbers, hunters...