Monday, June 21, 2010

After the entertainment, we will move to

Doug's Recovery Plan:
Phase 1: Throw the bastards out 11/10.
Phase 2: Four to six years of corruption trials, impeachments, tribunals, deportations, tarrings & featherings, shootings of traitors and spies, mass firings of civil servants, blanket repealing of laws, dismantling of bureaus, dismantling and reconstitution of federal courts, sales of government property, burning of regulations, reductions in taxes, razings of IRS offices, construction of border defenses, demolition of UN HQ, &c. &c.
Phase 3: Constitutional republic restored (What? Yeah, okay, Phase 2 may need a little more thought, perhaps, but just a little.)
Although parts of Phase 2 sound downright entertaining on their own...

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