Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wow, greenies get downright nasty

when their hand in the public purse gets slapped.
Spain’s Dr. Gabriel Calzada — the author of a damning study concluding that Spain’s “green jobs” energy program has been a catastrophic economic failure — was mailed a dismantled bomb on Tuesday by solar energy company Thermotechnic.

Says Calzada:

Before opening it, I called [Thermotechnic] to know what was inside … they answered, it was their answer to my energy pieces.

Dr. Calzada contacted a terrorism expert to handle the package. The expert first performed a scan of the package, then opened it in front of a journalist, Dr. Calzada, and a private security expert.

The terrorism consultant said he had seen this before:

This time you receive unconnected pieces. Next time it can explode in your hands.

Dr. Calzada added:

[The terrorism expert] told me that this was a warning.

Show of hands: how many people think the clowns at Thermotechnic should be dragged into the street and whipped? Then prosecuted?(after salting the whip marks, of course)

There is no damned excuse for this kind of shit, and that should be made clear to them in the most blunt manner possible. And every other clown who thinks they're entitled to threaten people's lives for bringing out inconvenient facts.


Arthur said...

Show of hands: How many people think Thermotechnic will suffer any sort of real legal ramifications for their terrorist act.

Anonymous said...

More to the point, in wussified Europe, How many people think that Thermotechnic will face any ILLEGAL ramifications?

I'd find out which thug sent it, and reason with them with the business end of a buggy whip, or worse.

Keith said...

Just a little OT: Infantilized Europe.

Thinking about my hosts for most of the last decade - the Irish, and how I thought I had something of an understanding of their national character (if there ever was such a beast), and realizing now, that I really do not understand them.

Since the boom (the only one they've had here since their much celebrated 1798 rebellion of "united Irishmen" - organised from a revolutionary france that was going tits up)went bad, the character which comes accross is one of infantile whinging and whining:

Someone else's fault (the english, the germans, the bankers, the developers...)- it was no good anyway - we need our wonderful politicians to save us...

When animals are domesticated - it is generally achieved by making them permenantly infantile:

A dog only develops communication skills equivalent to a 12 week old wolf pup, it keeps the puppy bark, it never becomes independant, wolves are monogamous, dogs like a bunch of randy teenagers...

Cats keep their baby meow, still kneed and purr like suckling kittens.

Is that how humans are domesticated?

Are they raised to be infantile and dependant, rather than being allowed to develop judgement, responsibility and independance?

Are they raised to believe that the mammy and daddy state will come running to pick them up - like the irish who overspent - now expecting those who didn't to be taxed so they don't have to take a cut in overstretched life style?

A drunken teenager kicked the wing mirror off my wife's car last night - about €200 to replace - "are but sure, he's having a bad time of it, you can't blame him..."

Firehand said...

In the current EU? Probably low to zero chance.

Hmmm, too bad you couldn't get away with "Yeah, I whacked him with a club, but I'm having a bad time of it!"

Windy Wilson said...

"Yeah, I whacked him with a club, but I'm having a bad time of it!"

It'll come to that. Locke's war of all against all.

First Spanish Bombs for Truthtellers, now this.
You always post such interesting and thought-provoking things, even though they are disturbing.

Marja said...

Hey, not all of us Europeans are happy with what is going on here . But, admittedly, while we may complain we can't seem to be able to make any difference to what is going on.

Maybe there aren't enough of us. Maybe it's because we are too lazy. Or maybe it's that boiling frog thing. Things are getting worse, but slowly enough, and sometimes with occasional small improvements, that it doesn't really seem like it's the time, yet, to commit to anything more substantive than grumbling. Besides, really trying to change things might not change anything anyway, except make things difficult for you, and things aren't really so bad yet... So most of us will just talk.