Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Among the things stirring the pot

is the pension mess in many states. And 'education' spending, crap like this chart and information at Ace:
It shows the average cost to educate a kid from kindergarten through 12th grade in inflation-adjusted 2009 dollars. In 1970 each child's education cost about $40,000. Today it's nearly $160,000 - nearly four times as much! And if you look at the test scores over that period, they haven't budged at all. So we're paying 4 times as much in constant dollars and getting jack shit for it. In even a poorly run company that would be enough to get people fired and auditors looking for criminal fraud.
And if you're wondering where all the money went, well this little tidbit will give you a clue: former Niles Township, IL school superintendent Neil Codell will receive $26 million dollars in retirement checks from the Illinois teacher pension plan which he will qualify for after just 34 years of work. Which means he'll be getting nearly a $1 million dollars a year in his pension. Now multiply that by every school district and you start to see why some states are facing bankruptcy.
I don't mind someone retiring after 34 years; I DO mind this kind of padded-up garbage. How much school supplies, how many actual teachers pay, does this represent?

If anyone doubted Obama would really use the security of the border as a pawn to push his amnesty plans,
I will say this for Mavs (I always say this): On those occasions when he finally comes down on your side, it's with great force and impact.

Krauthammer had this dynamite point: In a certain sense, it doesn't matter if Obama said this, because we know it's true either way. If he didn't say it, then all he did was succeed in preventing himself from uttering his true agenda in a naked fashion.

But either way, that is his agenda. He says so: He says he can't secure the border unless it's part of a "comprehensive" package. He just doesn't put it as nakedly as Kyl says he did in a private discussion.

However, it actually does matter if it was said -- because this puts the entire corrupt hostage-situation before the public. It makes it news, in other words, instead of policy analysis, which most people don't bother with
Put bluntly, every American citizen living in fear along the border, every one raped or killed or robbed, car smashed by a drunk illegal alien, Obama considers them expendable chits in his pursuit of his progressive aims.

A fine example of people who've never had to 'exist on foods found in nature' pissing and moaning because someone in the jungle might buy a manufactured food. Or buy something preserved in such a way that it doesn't rot in a couple of days.

This is just freakin' insane: LA finally gets started building berms, finally gets the White House & Co. to get off their ass and approve it, and now
The federal government is shutting down the dredging that was being done to create protective sand berms in the Gulf of Mexico.

The berms are meant to protect the Louisiana coastline from oil. But the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department has concerns about where the dredging is being done
Also from Q&O,
Stepping back for a moment, does anyone else see the connection between the Arizona (and others) illegal immigration law, Gen. McChrystal’s insubordination, and Louisiana’s current predicament? Lacking any coherent direction, policy or plan, these people and entities are forced to take the reins over their particular situations only to be hindered by the Obama administration when they do, or worse, vilified and ridiculed. The lack of leadership creates a vacuum, and people like Jan Brewer, Gen. McChrystal, Bobby Jindal and Billy Nungesser are trying desperately to fill it. If there were ever a clear indication that Obama is an incompetent leader, this it.

Attention Steve Jobs and Apple generally: Screw you.
In an updated version of its privacy policy, the company added a paragraph noting that once users agree, Apple and unspecified “partners and licensees” may collect and store user location data.

When users attempt to download apps or media from the iTunes store, they are prompted to agree to the new terms and conditions. Until they agree, they cannot download anything through the store.

The company says the data is anonymous and does not personally identify users. Analysts have shown, however, that large, specific data sets can be used to identify people based on behavior patterns

And from the past of Swimmer Kennedy,
However, the 2,352 pages of FBI files that cover a period ranging from 1961 to 1985 only tell a small part of the story and do not mention Kennedy's overtures to Soviet officials. These did not become known outside of Moscow until several years after Cold War tensions receded.

Kennedy's long history with the KGB is well documented, but underreported. It remains available through the writings of the now deceased Vasiliy Mitrokhin, who defected to Britain from the Soviet Union in 1992, and a separate 1983 memo addressed to then General Secretary Yuri Andropov. Kennedy's actions occurred at the expense of presidential authority and in violation of federal law, according to academics and scholars who are familiar with the documents.
The KGB files Mitrokhin retrieved indicate that Kennedy fixed the blame for heightened international tensions on the Carter White House, not on the Kremlin. It is important to note that Kennedy was challenging incumbent Carter for the Democratic nomination for president at that time.
KENNEDY ALSO OFFERED TO WORK in close concert with high level Soviet officials to sabotage President Ronald Reagan's re-election efforts and to orchestrate favorable American press coverage for Andropov and Soviet military officials, according to the 1983 KGB document.

Kennedy offered to have "representatives of the largest television companies in the U.S. contact Y.V. Andropov for an invitation to Moscow for the interview," KGB head Viktor Chebrikov explained in a letter to the general secretary dated May 14, 1983, the file shows. The idea here would be for the Soviet leader to make an end run around Reagan and make a direct appeal to the American people
So Democrat or Republican President didn't matter, if they were in Kennedy's way. A very bipartisan traitor he was.

If he tries this- which wouldn't surprise me- the response needs to be a loud and very obscene "Fuck you!" from the states.

So, according to the head of the black firefighters group(I refuse to associate that deity's name with these clowns), the only reason someone could not like Obama is because they're racist. Uh huh. Coombs, you're a frickin' idiot and a bigot.

More of the wonders of Obamacare.

Well, if Kagan loved the Bork hearings so much, give her the same kind of hearing.

And with that, I need to go do other things.

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