Friday, February 19, 2010

Was pointed toward a case of the 'disarm the peasants' people

in Finland pushing to ban semi-auto handguns.

And if they get that, within a few years it'll be revolvers and rifles above 'necessary' calibers or some such bullshit, and on and on until it's another (fG)Britain.


Keith said...

Lets's hope the Finnish shooters manage to get their organisations to stand together.

There should be enough international evidence by now to show that:

bans do not reduce violence or homicide rates (they appear to make us peasants much less safe).

The evidence from the US shows the roll out of ccw permitting (or complete de-restriction of concealed and open carry) reduces crime and homicide.

The recent US gun buying spree was accompanied by a reduction in homicide rate.

But then, politicians aren't interested in sound evidence, only power and getting more of it.

So educate the peasants to vote the bastard politicians who are behind this shit out at the next available oportunity.

Keith said...

Let me add,
this proposal is as good as saying the present polititions have abolished democracy and handed Finland to Putin.

shame Finland had to fight a war of independance, the winter war, the continuation war, the war in Lapland and have the allied disarmament comission boss them about...

all to get here.