Friday, February 19, 2010

Among other things this morning*, Romney has a LONG way to go

to convince me I'd want his ass in the White House; his attacks on the 2nd and his pushing that socialized medicine scheme in MA are great big smelly blobs of "I know what's good for you" sitting on his head releasing stink.

After leaving the concert hall, Obama went to a more exclusive fundraiser for Bennet at a local hotel, where people who had raised or paid $15,000 got a picture with the president.
This after comparing himself to Truman. And after meeting with the Dalia Lama and then scooting him out the trash door("I will stand up to China!as little as I have to to shut you people up").

So it took two months for this to leak out, and there's an argument that there's nothing to it; we'll see.

I'm sure you've heard about the guy who crashed an airplane into the IRS building in Austin. You may have already heard that despite the commie ending to his suicide manifesto, and his hard-left leanings and so forth, it's become a leftie and media(but I repeat myself) thing to paint him as a tea party guy. Which proves that both are liars and dirtbags.

Speaking of statist bastards, the
Lower Merion School District officials in charge of this ought to be fired. Then horsewhipped. And every time some school brass reaches too far(searching a students car when it's not at school, etc.) this should be repeated until they get the damned idea.
More here, including
The issue came to light when the Robbins's child was disciplined for "improper behavior in his home" and the Vice Principal used a photo taken by the webcam as evidence. Ok, that's flat-out proof of using this to spy on kids AND taking pictures of them. I repeat, horsewhip time.

I guess Biden claiming credit for winning Iraq caught so much crap that Obama decided to change the name so THEN he can claim credit for victory- which is a word he won't even use, but still.

"If men wrote women's magazines"

If you've got kids in school, and you haven't read any of Kevin's posts on what the assholes are doing/have done to education in this country, go read this. Read it if you DON'T have kids, because this is screwing the future of all the kids affected by it and everything they touch in the future. It starts off with Markadelphia, leftist extraordinaire, accusing Kevin of lying and paranoia, and Kevin rebuts- actually, takes him apart. Lots of links to other stuff, as usual.

Just what being PC At Any Cost has done to British police.

Once again, to borrow Tam's phrase, If the pants fit, wet them. And if you follow the Facebook link at the end, you'll get a full dose of 'teabaggers and militia and idiots and automatic weapons, oh my!'

I think I'll close it now; brass to sort and process, etc.

*Yeah, well, it was morning when I started...

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I'm out on Romney. In on Sarah.