Friday, February 19, 2010

Quick note: my one post on Tiger Woods

Dude, you're not a sex addict; you're a jerk. You have fame a lots of money and it gave you the opportunity to get lots of females into bed, and you kept doing that after you were married.

Addict, no; idiot, yes.


Anonymous said...

Tige is just a poor lil' megamillionaire with a gorgeous wife, the morals of a tomcat and the maturity and self control of a pathologically narcissistic three year old.

Grow up already, you jerk!

Gerry N.

Keith said...

Amen to the above!

I'm sick to hell of seeing headlines and hearing radio reports (I do not have or watch TV, thank goodnes).

Woods is not elected to a position of responsibility, he is not paid for by our taxes, he has not stolen from us.

Therefore his morals are not our business, they are between him, his wife (whom it seems is worth more than an infinite number of his sort)and the assorted girls he's been screwing.

As to journalists wanting a statement from him (sperm sample as well?) and writing page after page of analysis on whether he has been contrite enough for their liking;

Stinking bloody hypocrites! why do they think they have a right to know? they have nothing of the sort, and no one is investigating who or what those journos're screwing, buggering or whatever...

Yeah, some companies payed a lot of money for his advertising worth. If they haven't made that money back in increased sales, then it's time they chose a different marketing strategy.

Now to the most odious part of all

Where are the same journalists when it comes to corrupt politicians, corrupt cops and corrupt basteaucrats?

where were they with the Kennedy family members' mis deeds (an electorate needed to know about that, so they knew what they were voting for - we don't need to with Tiger).

Where have they been with Climatequiddick?

Where are they with the psycho who shot her colleagues in Alabama?

Blogs are doing all of the investigation, faster, more efficeintly and more truthfully, and yeah, I know what individual blogger's politics and prejudices are, and I don't find them claiming to be "balanced" on the occasions that they're not.

Time for a lot more Lame stream media to go bust me thinks.

dick said...