Sunday, February 14, 2010

And in the People's Republic of Maryland,

they just can't stand the idea of peasants not having to be licensed.
The plan, drafted by Delegate Samuel I. Rosenberg, Baltimore Democrat, and Sen. Brian E. Frosh, Montgomery County Democrat, would mandate that citizens carry a special license while conducting any number of routine transactions involving a gun.
It would become a crime to go to a gun range and rent a firearm for a little target shooting without this license in hand. Out-of-state visitors who might want to keep up their skills while on vacation would be out of luck under the proposal because they would not even be allowed to apply for a state gun license.

The bill would make it a crime on par with murder, kidnapping, rape and extortion for a private party to sell his own gun to someone who has no license. It also would give police the authority to seize the e-mail, cell phone and other records of anyone merely suspected of selling or renting a gun in Maryland without a license. This is an extreme reaction to conduct that is perfectly legal in most states and should be a constitutional right anywhere in the Land of the Free.


Anonymous said...

I posted (on another blog?) about the Maryland state song openly advocating uprising against the tyrant.

Sounds like the citizens (the serfs don't dare) of Maryland need to brush off their own history and music. Sounds like tyranny in the making.

B Woodman

Firehand said...

I think it's more 'tyranny advancing' than in the making.