Monday, February 15, 2010

Even for someone with apparently political connections,

this level of coverup is freakin' insane. Even for a place as politically inbred as MA: After murdering her brother, this clown
We know that Amy then went to Dave Dinger Ford and according to Thomas Pettigrew who was working in the garage, told the Boston Herald that Bishop put a shotgun against his chest and demanded a vehicle. Pettigrew said Bishop claimed she and her husband were in a fight and he was coming after her. She was arrested in the parking lot when she exited the garage, surrounded by police with guns drawn.

She was brought to the Braintree police department where she was being booked and suddenly per direct order of Chief Polio, the booking process was ordered to stop. The Braintree Officers were inexplicably ordered to release Amy to the custody of her parents
And Delahunt was directly involved in getting her off; question is why? What were the connections?


Anonymous said...

I wonder whether the MSM will ever get around to asking that obvious little question.

What indeed were the connections?

I even heard an Ice cream van today, it was playing "Lara's song" from Dr Zhivago...

WOF Christchurch said...

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a blood relationship somewhere down the line!