Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why people of conservative/libertarian belief are telling theStupidRepublican Party

to go away:
“ I wasn’t sold on Dede from the beginning. That race represents 8% of Oneida County. Throughout the nomination process, I would have thought there would have been more sensitivity, in light of what happened with Tedisco in NY 20, who was the annointed front runner. [Republican Tedisco was defeated in a special election for an open Congresssional seat earlier this year]. Just with [Dede] coming out of Albany — any legislator in Albany is so tarnished why would we nominate them ? We acted very tone deaf in how we selected this nominee.”

Joseph also took a shot at Clinton County Chairman and Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, who threw the nomination to Scozzafava despite the fact that the majority of the Clinton County committee members who attended a candidate forum voted for the ideologically conservative Paul Maroun, and not for the ideologically liberal Scozzafava
“ As a party chairman I have intolerance for those who start banging the drum after the fact. It smells like a spoiler and it will be a spoiler. The relationship between the Republicans and Conservatives has been breached. For Republicans, the election is lost either way. If Hoffman can win it, which is a long shot ,where does that put us? ”

Joseph adamantly refused to call for Scozzafava to withdraw from the race. “ That would just be affirming Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long’s position. What are we going to do ? Let him tell us who we should nominate? ”

Uh, if most of the people in the area are calling for the conservative as the nominee, going with him would put you as listening to the people, you clown. You've just stated the position of far too many uppers in the Stupid Party: "We don't care if they actually believe in Republican ideals, as long as they give us an 'R' in the House or Senate. And screw the people who don't like it."

You're a moron, Joseph. To borrow from Mark Steyn,
Newt really needs to re-think his support for Dede Scozzafava. This isn't RINO but DIABLO - Democrat In All But Label Only. It's not one of those "socially liberal, fiscally conservative" bi-swinger deals — not when you're pro-"stimulus", pro-cash-for-clunkers. And the reductive argument that her sole redeeming value - a willingness to vote for John Boehner as Speaker — is reason enough to support her is silly in a special election. If he's ever Speaker, Boehner won't be till January 2011, and it's 12 months premature for Newt to be telling voters they need to suck it up and accept that a handful of Jim-Jeffords-in-embryo-form are necessary for the Republican tide.
Add to that that Scozzofava lied about her encounter with a guy who dared to actually ask questions...

The Stupid Party continuing to support her is, well, stupid. And why the 'R' party is losing people.


Anonymous said...

DIABLO! FIrst I've heard of it, & I like it.
Sounds like Dingy Harry Reid. Just add the label MINO (Mormon In Name Only), and you've got him completely.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

It's not that we are losing people - it's that we have been infiltrated and subverted.

You really think the "party leaders" give a damn about what the republican voters think?