Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I wonder if the kind of PC speech codes the Obamites

want to shove down our throats(would Obamacare have any fix for... nah) could get us further down the list than Canada?
The Canadian Human Rights Commission and its megalomanaic chief commissioner, Jennifer Lynch, have disgraced Canada on the international stage.

According to the annual report by Reporters sans Frontieres (that's French for Reporters without Borders) Canada has plunged from 13th place to 19th place in the world, in terms of press freedom. Here's a CP wire story on the subject.
Yeah, that's some free speech situation Chief Commissar Jennifer Lynch has created, isn't it? Among other wonders following in her wake,
7. Jennifer Lynch maintains an enemies list of her critics(I wonder if Obama & Co. are taking lessons?). And CHRC staff, such as neo-Nazi member Dean Steacy, covertly monitor sites of critical journalists.

8. Had Mark Steyn and Maclean's lost their cases, Steyn's oeuvre would have been permanently banned in Canada.

9. Lynch regularly breaks Canada's access to information laws, by falsely and illegally refusing to comply with basic requests, such as to disclose her expenses.

12. Human rights commissions have the power to search and seize documents (including computer hard drives) from premises, including media companies, without a search warrant. It was under that threat that I personally felt compelled to attend a government interrogation.

To the nanny-state weenies who're drooling at the idea, I have a message:
No Way In Hell.

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