Monday, October 19, 2009

Congressman Dennis Moore(Democrat-KS) is a real class act

Speaking to a respected Hispanic leader in KCK, Dennis Moore reportedly called decorated and disabled Marine Veteran and Congressional Opponent “White Trash” in a recent (recorded) telephone conversation. The KCK leader, who has formally supported the incumbent congressman, is supporting Daniel Gilyeat’s candidacy for the Kansas 3rd District Congressional seat. Dennis Moore called the KCK man after hearing the Hispanic community leader’s support had changed. Dennis Moore said he had $7 million for the campaign and could not believe the naturalized citizen was supporting “White Trash” over Moore.
Well, isn't that just so special?
Moore’s comment has serious implications,” Theresa Benefield, owner Sequoia Logistics LLC, said. “Dennis Moore is telling Hispanics they owe him their votes by bringing up the threat of $7 million. He is telling all 3rd District voters he will buy the election.” Benefield said she wondered where he was getting his money. “It is not in his FEC reports, but then again, Rangle, Franks, and now Moore have trouble reporting what is and is not theirs. That is a lot of money from someone who places his worth at just under $1 million. For a job that pays over $200,000, one might speculate on why a congressman would spend more on running in the 3rd District than he has brought into the district over the past two years, she said.

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Anonymous said...

As I've heard so many time, "follow the money. . ."

B Woodman