Thursday, October 22, 2009

So Taser now says there's the 'slight chance' of a problem...

PHOENIX - Taser International is advising police agencies across the nation not to shoot its stun guns at a suspect's chest.

The Arizona-based company says such action poses a risk — albeit extremely low — of an "adverse cardiac event."

Well, isn't that interesting after all the denials and noise of the past?

There's a reason the proper wording of the term is 'less-lethal weapon'.


Anonymous said...

Even a little bit of thought would tell you that shooting at the chest might, just MIGHT, put the shock probes across the heart. Which, again, might, just MIGHT, cause an "adverse cardiac event."

Ya think?

But then again, if you weren't where you shouldn't oughta be in the first place, being belligerant to an "only one" in the second place, you wouldn't get Tasered in the third place.

Get the hint?

B Woodman

Firehand said...

I always worried about the 'There is no danger' insistence by the makers, precisely because of this: somewhere down the road, it would bite them in the ass. Bigtime.