Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Range, general and Gadsden stuff

Today reinforced one of the nice things about the .22 conversion kit I have for the 1911: I can only shoot a box, maybe a box .5 of full-power .45 in a day before my hands are asking me why the hell I'm doing this to them?, whereas I can put a LOT of .22's downrange. Practice is practice, and you can do draw & fire and everything else with it.

I've noticed that ammo is becoming not quite as scarce; it's not plentiful, but you can find some now. Except for .380, that stuff is still "I've got X-thousand on order, but no idea when they'll get in."

Yesterday helped friend with the last of the back porch crap I'm doing for a while. Got the forms set and concrete mixed and poured for the sill around the new porch area. And my hands ache. Kind of like the day after Med-Fair aching. Which means no more digging, or anything else, for a few days.

Kathy Shaidle points to a place with lots of Gadsden flags and patches and stuff.

Security Staff was having some nose problems, as in her nose getting very red and a bit swollen, and today her eyes were puffy. Took her to the vet. Verdict: the new food I switched to a week or so ago?, she's having an allergic reaction to. So new food bought, she got a cortisone shot and some pills and I hope that'll take care of it.

I was the subject of an attack in The Phoenix a year or two back. As hit pieces go, it was a pretty feeble effort, and I didn’t feel it was worth driving all the way down to Boston just to kill a few members of staff and burn the building down. But it makes you think. In our multicultural society, the best way to get “respect” from others is to despise them; the surest way to have your views boundlessly “tolerated” is to be utterly intolerant of anybody else’s. Those who think Islam will apply these lessons only to op-ed cartoons or representations of Mohammed are very foolish.

Meanwhile, we prattle on about “moderate Muslims”, telling ourselves that the “vast majority” of Muslims aren’t terrorists, don’t support terrorists, etc.

Okay, why don’t we hear from them then?

Because they live in communities where the ideological bullies set the pace, where the price of speaking out is too high, and so they find it easier to say nothing, keep their heads down. And why would we expect them to do any differently when the mighty BBC and CNN do the same? If there is such a thing as a “moderate Muslim”, he’s surely thinking, “Well, if the CBC and The Toronto Star have to knuckle under to the imams, there’s no point me tossing in my two bits.”

My Ceiner conversion is one of the more ammo-tolerant .22 systems I've seen. It'll work reliably with Remington Golden Bullet, Federal copper-plated hollowpoints, Centurion solids and Federal Champion, but doesn't care for Winchester unplated hollowpoints. The latter just don't have enough power to cycle the slide but maybe three times out of ten. Works a hell of a lot more reliably with more ammo than friend's Sig Mosquito did.

Yeah, ACORN has been screwing with things in Oklahoma, too.
The document continues, noting that Oklahoma ACORN, in 2007, was looking towards a five-year plan to obtain power and that is the key term – power – that is evident is this particular document.

Note: “Therefore, the route to power is twofold: First, build powerful city organizations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa that can control these municipalities. Second, become an influential organization by shaping a handful of strategic legislative districts that, by themselves, can change who controls the state legislature.”

I just noticed earlier that not only had the coolant level in the bike dropped(a bit over time, no problem), it had dropped fast. I think there's a crack in the overflow tank, which means tomorrow I have to take it off and see if it's repairable. I hope so, as that's a part that's only available from the factory.

The tool holders I ordered from Grizzly for the lathe came in today. Not usable at all; the body is thicker than the description, and they only hold a tiny 3/16" bit. And even if I ground the body to fit the tool post and the body to hold 1/4" bits, it wouldn't fit right between tool post, compound slide and work. Good thing, I sent for a return number and had it in about two hours, so they're on the way back. If I can find some suitable size flat stock I may just try making one; I'd wanted to skip that if I could because it'll involve a lot of hacksaw work(hands hate that anymore) but it may be the only way. Unless I want to spend a hundred bucks for a quick-change toolpost, which I don't.

Damn, it's past 2200. 'Night, all.


Anonymous said...

Try a McMaster-Carr catalog.

Fire said...

Was Security licking and biting at her paws during the switch to the new food? Usually, a reaction to diet change would be itching, excessive licking and biting at the paws, stomach problems, etc....are the Vets certain this was the cause? Either way, the shot will help her, and that's a good thing. Sounds to me like an allergic reaction due to weather, possibly a bite of some kind.

If it continues....or if it comes back, try benedryl for her. Give it a day or two. If that doesn't help, then check with the vet again.

I know she's used to being outside, but the funny thing is allergies can show up at any given time, even if she hasn't been allergic to something before.

Give my best to Miss Security.

Firehand said...

No luck on McMaster-Carr, all their stuff is for larger lathes. But lots of good stuff there, thanks for the tip.

Fire, she was a bit. That, combined with the nose & eyes, made them figure allergy, and the only new thing around her was the food. So...
But I'll keep what you suggest in mind.

Fire said...

I hope she gets better soon, bless her heart. She'll probably drink more since she got the shot....and that's okay. Nothing to worry about. And a head's up for down the road stuff....if ever she has an x-ray done and they tell you her liver is enlarged a bit....that can be from the cortisone injections...steroid injections can do that in dogs.

You name it, at least one of my dogs have had it or gone through it...I know the drill all too well.

Arthur said...

I just starting casting loads for 380 and so far they are working out really well. I'm using a Lee SWC mold that actually feeds really well - shoots great too.

I managed to check during the 5 minute span* they had small pistol primers in stock and managed to snag a bunch. Coupled with casting my own bullets I can practice shooting my mousegun to my heart's content.

*I'm not joking about the 5 minute deal. I saw they were in stock, immediately put in an order and after my order was complete I went and checked and *poof* all gone.

Anonymous said...

Re: .22 pistols and conversions. I bought an Erma Luger look-alike .22 a few months ago and just had the opportunity to shoot it. A bot picky about what it likes, the el-cheapo Remington Vipers function it well but are not the most accurate. CCI Blazers smokestack half the time but are more accurate. This thing is fun personified, but it's feed and function idiosyncrasies compounded with a trigger that would have to improve 50% to be rotten, I need a decent self loading pistol. As I'm not rolling in dough and haven't kept up on .22 self loaders since the late 60's, any ideas?

Gerry N.

Firehand said...

I know the Ruger pistols tend to be reliable and accurate, and there are a couple of different styles so you can find one that'll fit your hand. The Sig Mosquito I'd not recommend, for reasons posted on before. The Sig Trailside is wonderfully accurate, no idea what they're going for now, but magazines are damn expensive. S&W and Beretta both have .22 semi-autos, but I have no experience with them.

If you ran across an old High Standard, like the Sport King, they're nice, but availability is 'if you find one'.

Think I'll post the question, ".22 pistols, what do you recommend?" and see what people say.