Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So the Brazilian government is taking heat back home

for screwing around in Honduras. Good. I do have to take note of the excuse the government is using:
Foreign Minister Celso Amorim defended Brazil's position before a Senate foreign relations committee on Tuesday.

"What's at stake here is not only a small country but the future of democracy in Central America," Amorim said. "Tolerating this coup could stimulate others in the region."

Mr. Amorim, you're a damned liar. This was a legal action taken at the request of the legislature and at the order of the Supreme Court; you calling it a coup to excuse your meddling does not make it so. If you had any sense of honor or shame, you'd hide your face, apologize, and try to get your country out of this bullshit. Instead, having no honor or shame, you are making it worse.


Anonymous said...

Don't be forgetting that the government of Brazil is run by a hard leftist.
It would really be funny if the Hondurian government PNG the whole damn Brazilian embasssy.

Windy Wilson said...

They should. Meddling like that and increasing the risk of civil war. If America were to do that, why every college professor in the country would be in the streets.

And as for whether this was a coup or not. These leftists should ask themselves, if it were Senor Bush rather than Senor Zelaya who did this, would they still consider it a coup to eject him from the country?