Monday, September 28, 2009

Window replaced

Amazingly, no visible blood loss during process

My house has the old style windows where the bottom will slide up and the top slide down. About a month ago I decided to slick up a couple of them where the upper was sticky, so I got out the paste wax and waxed the track, pulled them down, then waxed the upper section. Work them back & forth a few times and it smooths things out nicely. So nicely that one of them slipped down a bit when I moved the lower, and when I pushed it back up it went with just a little more enthusiasm than expected.


Diagonal crack from the lower left to upper right corner with a small piece breaking out at the top. Dammit. Since it was rainy at the time(the thought of standing out in the rain replacing glass did not thrill me) I flooded the crack with superglue to stabilize it and left it for later. Which, today being nice, was the day. Only problem was that the old glazing was still in very good shape; I wound up using the dremel and a coarse grinding ball to break some of it loose, which let me break the rest off.

Oddly enough, among things I know will hurt me, window glass is one thing that doesn't really bother me to work with. I know how an edge of it will cut, and I've known a couple of people who had broken glass fall on them(one industrial accident, one doing what I was) and got interesting scars from it; one damn near died. But for some reason, unlike various machinery and work, glass doesn't bother me; just go slow, and wear gloves for taking out the broken stuff. Odd, because it's at least as dangerous as most of the other stuff.

In any case, it's done. I had to get glazing points and glaze as well as the glass. And for some reason Lowe's doesn't carry the small tubs of compound, only the one big enough to do most of the house. So I got a tube that fits the caulking gun instead.

So one new window pane installed.

After all that was done I fooled with the lathe a bit. Not much; all the digging caught up today, mostly in my hands. Sore enough I almost put off the window another day. I tried some threading and screwed up; I started it at one point without engaging the backgears and chipped two teeth on one gear. Happily, nobody was around to hear the language practice. I know where I can get a replacement, but it'll have to wait a month or so.


Fire said...

Two years ago I had new windows installed through the whole house. All of them tilt in now for easy cleaning. I LOVE THAT!

Anything else with a window....somebody else can take care of it.

When I was 18, at my parents house, I was trying to get the storm window down and it fell from the top, crushed both index fingers that were in the track below, messing with the screen. Broke both tips of my index fingers, busted them wide open. It was a horrible incident. Blood was everywhere. I'm just thankful I didn't cut them off. As you can imagine, I only clean the windows now.

Firehand said...

New windows all the way around is something I hope to do down the road.

And that story just made me cringe. Damn!