Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I think you probably know what I think of Polanski,

but after reading about all the Hollyweenies pleading- or demanding in some cases- that it all be dropped, I'll throw it out anyway:

In a pigs ass.

He drugged and raped a 13-year old girl. He didn't get a trial because he plead guilty. He knew she was 13, he gave her drugs, he anally raped her. And when he thought he might get an actual sentence for it, he fled. And now he's been caught and is facing being brought back for sentencing.

What do we get from our 'elites', especially those in entertainment? "Oh, this is a waste of time. It was so long ago. Hasn't he suffered enough? I mean, he hasn't been able to work in Hollywood for DECADES!" Which last is apparently so horrible(ignore working in Europe and travelling and marrying and getting a bloody Oscar) a punishment that anything short of defenestration(now there's an idea...) is a lesser harm.

He did it. He ran. He's been arrested and he should face the penalty. And Hollywood and every other apologist for him can kiss my ass.


Mattexian said...

They'd be stuffing him in a shipping crate if he'd been a Nazi concentration camp guard "all those years ago" and hiding peacefully in Middle America since then.

K said...

The French minister for arts was spouting the same "he's too creative to arrest" shite.

He has 2 crimes:
The rape (no retrial, the girl he raped does not deserve to suffer again) he needs to serve original sentence with no remission.

Absconding. He deserves several years for that.

It doesn't matter what he's suffered in the past, or how creative he might have been since, the girl did not cause his prior suffering and his creativity did not lessen her suffering.

JAIL for the sleazy bastard