Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The NRA is still whipping boy for a bunch of liberal GFWs even when

it don't actually do anything.
There was no official call to arms, nothing on the NRA website, no alerts floating around. Just speculation among Democrats and Republicans that the NRA would make a procedural vote on legislation that would give the District of Columbia a voting member of Congress a “test vote.”

That means that if centrist Democrats voted with their leadership, they could lose their prized “A-ratings” from the NRA, which many consider essential to keeping their jobs in rural, Southern and Western districts.
So the D.C. Voting Rights Act was pulled from consideration for Wednesday. Aides stressed that negotiations are continuing and it could be brought back soon
which led to garbage like this:
“The D.C. vote bill needs to pass,” said Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.), a Blue Dog gun-rights supporter who sits on the House Rules Committee. “I would have concerns about any group who would tell us how to run our House.”
Well, Mr. Cardoza, screw you. Fearing that somebody might rate something you do isn't telling you how to run 'your House', as you put it; you apparently just don't like the idea of attention being called to what you do. And by they way, it's not 'your' House, you arrogant bastard, it's OURS.

“Members are reacting in knee-jerk fashion to the NRA,” Norton said. “This is Democratic members doing something to kill a basic civil rights bill.”
Snork. Bozos are trying to completely ignore the Constitution they swore to protect and uphold, and try to cover up by calling it a 'basic civil rights bill'. Basic bullshit by crooked politicians trying to slant the House would be the more correct description.

But that got complicated when word spread in the House that the NRA would “score” the procedural vote (called a “rule”) used to bring up the Voting Rights Act if it didn’t allow for a vote on the gun language. That means that voting to bring the bill to the floor would be considered a vote against gun rights.
Translation from the politicians' bullcrap-speak: "What?!? They'll actually hold us responsible for how we vote on this? Those bastards!"

I've been ticked at the NRA many times over the years, but the fact is the organization does good work on a bunch of points. And the fact that so many politicians get so nervous that the NRA 'might' rank them on this vote is a Good Thing.

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Dan said...

If DC wants a vote, let them become a state and deal with all of that BS. No statehood... no vote... and never mind the Constitutional views on DC.

You squarely struck the fastener on the blunt end... all they want is more leftist voices (as if they are actually individual voices) in their house... right... THEIR house.