Tuesday, March 03, 2009

As has been said, no wonder so many high-ranking Democrats

don't mind shoving through tax increases; since they don't plan to pay them.
Mr. Kirk has agreed to pay almost $10,000 in additional taxes for, among other things, wrongly deducting $17,000 for season tickets to the NBA Dallas Mavericks and wrongly taking charitable deductions for contributions of honoraria from speaking fees from Austin College even though he had not included the honoraria in his income.
And, like the dirtbags saying "Well, I'll take how much money I was given by a lobbyist and give it to charity(now that I've been caught)" is supposed to make having been bought no problem, he 'agrees' to pay ten grand and that's supposed to make it right.

And Insty had this, apparently Playboy is playing games for the Evil Party(big surprise). A key point:
3) The accusation against Santelli is potentially libelous, which is, I assume, why the article disappeared this morning. If I were Santelli, I'd sue. Aside from the fact that I have absolutely no reason to question Santelli's sincerity, I find it pretty hard to believe that any private group would be willing to front enough money to make it worth a television correspondent's while to risk all his future salary payments.
Amazing what some people seem willing to do to crap on anyone who stands against The Obama's Reign, isn't it?

Why I think the founders made a mistake in not putting term limits in the Constitution:
In some ways, Visclosky’s story tells a generic tale of corruption that apply to more than a few of our elected Representatives and Senators on Capitol Hill. He sits on the most powerful committee, Appropriations, which lays out the budget for the entire federal government. His vote on budgetary matters has much more influence on spending than others, which allows Visclosky to champion or kill projects at whim — and donors know it. That makes Visclosky the same as every other member of Appropriations, including the Republicans.
If the bastards who either start crooked or turn once they're in office were not able to stay there so damn long, they wouldn't be able to corrupt things so badly.

Yeah. Wonderful start to the day.

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Haji said...

Wonderful start, indeed. I must admit that I haven't made up my mind on term limits, although I am leaning to support of it more and more all the time. The downside is that you may lose a good representative, but how many of those are there, really? Not too dang many.