Thursday, March 05, 2009

I think that while various people are noting that Obama

may have intentionally worked to screw the economy, there's two things: Insty notes the old saying 'Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence', but here we may well have a twofer: Obama being both malicious AND incompetent. And I think that's it; he wants the economy screwed so as to give government a bigger hold over people, combined with, in many ways, not really knowing what he's doing.

Like a lot of people pointed out during the election, he's a thin-skinned marxist who basically has no experience at anything except playing with words and running for office; in the latter running over anyone who got in his way, including people who'd helped him earlier. Which also explains the 'Whack Rush' program; some of the people involved just hate Rush and want the Evil Party in power forever, but Obama seems to look on being criticized as lese majeste; "How dare he criticize me? How dare he reveal things about me? He must be destroyed!". And, as has also been pointed out, how would the media act if it had been the Bush administration working with major media people to cause this kind of trouble for a broadcaster or reporter? They'd have had fits and demanded investigations, various Evil Party members would give speeches calling for investigations and prosecutions(if they could figure an excuse for them) and so forth. But media people working with Obama & Co. to try to ruin somebody? Not a peep heard from those high-minded members of journalism. Because it's somebody they think of as on their side who's doing this; so much for journalistic integrity.

(title corrected: originally "I thought out that while..." I need to think and scan before hitting 'publish' in the mornings)

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"...journalistic integrety." HAHAHAHAHAHA
whores never attack their pimps...