Wednesday, March 04, 2009

If you've got a Thompson-Center, or any other powerful handgun,

the VPC says you're a threat to the police; and, in keeping with proper PSH, they've christened them 'vest busters':
“Big Boomers” - Handguns with rifle power capable of penetrating body armor—are growing threat to lives of law enforcement officers, according to new VPC study.

Drug traffickers are already using these “vest-busters” to kill police in Mexico

No proof, of course; just that these guns are scary and ought to be banned.

Oh, yeah, I'm sure the drug cartel people are skipping the AKs and M16s and FNs so they can pack a six-shot revolver or long-barreled single-shot pistol.

And please note the picture at the start: a Browning High Power; I guess it must be the Ultra-Big 9mm version.


Anonymous said...

I Think that we have a friend in the photo editing department.

The author asked for a pic of a "High Powered" pistol, and they gave him a pic of a high-power pistol.

Now everyone who knows anything about guns knows how clueless he is.

Windy Wilson said...

"Don't worry, they won't take your deer rifle. They'll rename it a 'high powered sniper rifle', and then take it."

tom said...

Besides a lot of Contenders, I've built (the best one with the exquisite assistance of Mike Bellm) three .375 H&H Encore Pistols and the project in the works is .458 Lott Encore Pistol. [WinMag would make as much sense considering I'm going to be loading down from my Ruger No. 1 loads but my rifles are Lott not WinMag so bit of savings in dies and brass...]

.460 S&W and .500 S&W need not apply to even enter the same category. Especially the stubbier barrel ones. They make me laugh.

FWIW, 235 grain .375H&H Mag JSPs with the right dose of 4064 go over 2800fps from a 15.5" ported barrel, sledgehammer feral hogs, and aren't bad on the wrists plus they set the record for loudest thing ever fired at my nearest indoor range. 350 grainer solids are a bit hard on the wrist.

.458 Lott, we shall see.

We all need hobbies, right?

Glad I found your blog somehow, I'll add you to the roll of stuff I like to read.

Firehand said...

Appreciate it. But I do NOT want to stand next to that on the range, even with plugs and muffs... but I bet it does whack hogs well. What kind of range/accuracy do you get with that combination?

I asked a guy about a Ruger Redhawk in .480 with a 3" barrel a few years back; he said sold a lot of them in Montana, Wyoming and other bear areas; fishing guides and timber people wanted them to be easier to carry, and were willing to give up some(probably a LOT) of power for that. I think I'd rather put up with a longer barrel if I'm going to carry something like that.