Friday, March 27, 2009

Global Warming my ass

The red is blizzard warning, the pink is winter storm warning. Up in the far northwest & panhandle they're saying 3-7" today, another 4-8" of snow possible tonight. Here in Oklahoma City, 3-5" tonight, maybe another 1-2" tomorrow before it ends.

I don't think it'll get too bad here; the temps have been high enough, there's enough residual heat in the ground and streets a lot of it'll melt as it hits or shortly after, so I don't think the roads will get too bad. WHich is good for a variety of reasons.

Ah well, off to work.

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Marja said...

Snowing where I live, right now, too. Last winter was abnormally warm here and there were lots of stories on papers about global warming. Not many of those this winter :)