Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Mexican gun canard and ignoring the tea parties

seem to be among the main things our 'staffed by professional journalists' media are good at. Insty has been noting the way they either bury the news of the tea parties, or just don't report it. Very unprofessional, and very biased:
...But the real reason the major media aren’t interested in these protests is that they don’t agree with them. In the final analysis, these affairs are really taking issue with the political party they helped elect without hiding bias in the last election.

That’s why a small scrum of Acorn-financed wackos on a bus tour to intimidate AIG execs last weekend made the news while the tea parties didn’t
And every time people take notice that their protest isn't considered 'news', or that they're painted as wild-eyed government-hating radicals, they- if they didn't know it before- decide the major media can't be trusted, and the newspapers and networks lose more readers/listeners. Which the majors either don't believe, or consider it worth it to protect their personal investments in Obama and socialism.

And the majors have no problem repeating the lie that the Mexican drug cartels are getting their weapons from the US:
The blockade of contraband will now be a two-way effort. The fence begun under the Bush administration will be completed, to deter smugglers of drugs and workers. But the new emphasis will be on disrupting the southbound flow of profits and weapons that fuel the cartels.
So stopping illegals coming here, and all the crap they smuggled in and all the crimes they commit wasn't worth adding to our border protections, but supposedly protecting Mexico from the actions of us evil US people is. Isn't it wonderful?

But it didn't satisfy Gov. Rick Perry, who reiterated his request Tuesday for "an immediate deployment of 1,000 additional National Guard troops to support civilian law enforcement and Border Patrol agents."

He'll meet with Napolitano on Thursday in Texas, and she'll ask him to make his case that violence in Mexico – especially in Ciudad Juárez, across from El Paso – warrants more drastic measures. More than 7,000 Mexicans have died in the last 15 months.

"Why 1,000?" she said. "Where did that number come from? Where in Texas? Texas has a huge border with Mexico. And what does he anticipate the Guard doing?"
Uh, because it spills over in to the US? Because a thousand troops patrolling/stationed at appropriate places could discourage a lot of the smuggling and catch a bunch of crooks? And I rather doubt Perry just said "Give me a thousand troops to spread around!"; I'd imagine he's made specific note of how and where he wants to put them, but God knows that's not good enough; if they just say that, Napolitano doesn't get a chance to have a press conference and act important after the meet. Sheesh.

But screw all that: they've got a compulsion- or orders- to blame the bad on us, especially guns in Mexico, because that lets various politicians and groups claim a need to screw gun owners in the US 'to save Mexico'; and because that helps the Mexican government keep blaming us for their problems. Never mind all the deserters from the Mexican Army, never mind all the weapons they take with them- or come back and steal from the armory- because noting that doesn't advance the agenda of blaming gun owners and shops in the US for the problem. Remember this from the LA Times story:
Most of these weapons are being smuggled from Central American countries or by sea, eluding U.S. and Mexican monitors who are focused on the smuggling of semiauto- matic and conventional weapons purchased from dealers in the U.S. border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. . . . The enhanced weaponry represents a wide sampling from the international arms bazaar, with grenades and launchers produced by U.S., South Korean, Israeli, Spanish or former Soviet bloc manufacturers. Many had been sold legally to governments, including Mexico’s, and then were diverted onto the black market. Some may be sold directly to the traffickers by corrupt elements of national armies, authorities and experts say.
They know the facts. If they bother to check at all on this, and on the laws and the number of automatic firearms available in the US, they know; but they keep telling the lies anyway.

I guess ignoring the tea parties and lying about and crapping on gun owners is one of the ways they're sucking up to the Obama administration and hoping to be bailed out of their sinking ship they drilled holes in the hull of.

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martywd said...

she'll ask him to make his case that violence in Mexico – especially in Ciudad Juárez, across from El Paso

Speaking of Jaurez/El Paso.   Here's a link that might be of interest regarding how guns might be getting from the U.S to Mexico?