Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just to catch up on some things

Glenn Beck has become so damn depressing I may stop listening entirely; hearing "We're all going to die, or the country be destroyed, or both!" every weekday morning... He does bring up a lot of news, but damn! the price for hearing it. I think things are going to be bad, and unless we manage to convince a bunch of politicians that they’ll straighten up or we’ll hang them from the lamppoststhrow them out of office, possibly very bad; but I’m bloody sick of hearing “We’re doomed! Save every penny and buy gold!”

I have to wonder, does he have a point at which he'd say "Go ahead, roll your Senator's car over with him in it! Enough is enough!"? He's very big on saying "Don't do something the enemy can use to paint conservatives in a bad light", but there's got to be a limit to that; especially when the 'enemy' includes your own Rep. or Senator who now refuses to listen to you. And by the way, the line he threw in one day that "We elected them as our representatives, so it's our fault" is only partly right: some of these clowns either changed into craven thieves after getting to DC, or managed to hide it until then(in the case of Obama, with lots of help from our 'professional journalists' in the media). When the morons in MA know what a miserable, corrupt boob Barney Frank is and re-elect him anyway, then screw them; if the bastard wasn't screwing all of us, I'd tell them to sink. But winning the job interview as a representative DOES NOT MEAN THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO STOP LISTENING TO US. So I'm not taking blame for the jackasses who get calls and letters 9-to-1 or more against something and vote for it anyway.

Also, the simple fact is that the socialists and fascists don't NEED 'any excuse' any more than the Soviets needed an excuse to invade Finland; they'll take anything they think useable and twist it into their justification. In the case of the Soviets it included shelling one of their own villages; in the case of our home-grown fascists and socialists it's lying about us and what we believe and what we do.

I would like to inquire as to when it became the fashionable thing- why, for that matter- to no longer call something a problem; oh no, it’s an ‘issue’.

“I’m having an issue with my printer”, can’t just say “The printer’s dead.”
“We’re having some issues with our terminal.” Apparently impossible to say “We can’t sign on.” Etc. The friggin’ thing could be emitting smoke and small flames and some of these people couldn’t say “IT’S ON FIRE!”, it would be “…a severe issue with our display.”

It’s apparently also now impolite to get such a call and say “What’s the problem?” Problem? “It’s not a problem, it’s an ISSUE, you caveman” comes silently over the line, sometimes after a Significant Pause to let you know you’ve said something improper.

Speaking of the ‘caveman’ bit, after a moments reflection it seems like it’s mostly women who are most adamant about ‘issue’ instead of ‘problem’ or ‘trouble’ or “The damn thing’s broke.” Since it’s the way to avoid the apparently huge unpleasantness of saying the horrid words ‘problem’ or ‘trouble’, does it more appeal to females? With males seems, in large part, to be those who’ve been told by somebody that it’s more ‘professional’ to say ‘issue’. Or who want to soft-peddle something; the inspectors who checked my house over before I bought it brought up a few small ‘issues’ that needed fixing, it apparently being the standard in their line that something needing to be fixed is less upsetting if it’s referred to that way(bastards completely missed the heater being shot, but were very careful not to be upsetting about how the tub needed a stopper).

One of these days someone’s going to call and say “I'm having an issue with my ( ) ” and I’m going to say “No, you have a damn problem, now what is it?” Which will probably result in Upset User making a phone call to the supervisor for my daring to be so blunt.

Apparently one of the things being snuck into The Obama’s budget is a bunch of money for ‘socialized health care’. Which hasn’t been talked about, let alone approved. The bastard and his flying monkeys want to take billions of our money and stick it ‘in an account’ for a program that doesn’t exist; which means they’ll spend it on crap, and then want more later. Which is beside the fact THEY WANT TO ROB US TO FUND SOMETHING THAT DOESN”T EXIST. Along with trying to dump the Tiahrt Amendment and God knows what else is being snuck into this mess.

There, I think that catches me up for now. I shall now retire to the kitchen to prepare a meal involving dead cow.

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LibertyNews said...

Beck is a really good broadcaster, but he's too damn shrill for me. I prefer to listen to Rush, who knows things are going to get bad but is at least optimistic about the future.