Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ok, it's rolling, the media is spinning for The Obama

and the bullshit is flying. Holder starts it by calling for a renewal of the Pretend-Assault-Weapons Ban, and- as expected- the 'professional' major media is sucking by throwing crap:
The reporter then help up an AK variant type rifle with one of those post-1994-ban thumb hole stocks to show one of these such weapons. Then a “home video” that was reportedly seized from a “Mexican drug cartel member” was shown, with the reporter saying that it showed a cartel member taking target practice with a “.50 caliber rifle”.

The only problem with this reporter’s commentary at this point was that the “home video” clearly was showing someone firing an M2 Browning machine gun from a tripod.
I don’t think this was any clueless mistake by NBC news. They are trying to deliberately create the false impression that a “straw buyer” for some Mexican gangster can go into any gun shop or gun show and walk out with belt-fed heavy machine guns and grenade launchers by the truckload, which of course is the furthest thing from the truth
You know it's bullcrap, I know it; unless they're completely clueless AND stupid, the 'journalists' know it, but as Uncle says the enemy lie to win:
Holder is already lying and saying the ban applies to machine guns and grenades.

And, of course, the misrepresentation comes right out of the anti-gun Violence Policy Center playbook: Assault weapons—just like armor-piercing bullets, machine guns, and plastic firearms—are a new topic. The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons. In addition, few people can envision a practical use for these weapons
Expecting the truth, or just unbiased reporting of facts, is too much to expect from the major media(with rare exceptions), and expecting the truth from Holder & Obama & Co. just isn't in the cards; they don't give a damn about the truth, they want power.
And the 'gunshops in the US selling automatic weapons and RPGs and grenades to smugglers for Mexico' lie is part of that. By his words Holder just told us one of two things:
He has no idea what the law is on these kinds of things, or
He is flatly, knowingly lying.
I'm voting for the latter. Now, at least, Pelosi is saying "No", but if you trust her, well, I have a genuwine Winchester .30-30 owned by Wild Bill Hickock I'd like to show you...

Of course, some of this is going both ways on the 'cause people anguish' scale, as in one of the amendments to the House trying to break the law and give DC a Rep. in the House.

In other news, some Only Ones were caught violating/helping violate NFA laws:
ALBANY — An Albany police officer who unlawfully traded in a federally registered machine gun at a Colonie gun store seven years ago said he purchased the weapon from the head of the department's police officers union.
Romano did not say how much he paid Mesley for the gun. He said he brought it to a Colonie gun store and got $200 credit toward the purchase of a hunting rifle.

Mesley said ''no comment'' Tuesday when asked about Romano's testimony and whether he was concerned any laws were broken
Snork. Choke. Really? No comment?
ATF agents then learned Romano's gun was among roughly 52 machine guns secretly purchased during the early and mid-1990s by Albany police officers. Dozens of officers and at least two civilians bought the weapons with departmental letters signed by a now-deceased assistant chief, William Murray, who was an avid gun collector.

They were delivered in small orders at two Albany police stations over a period of years and paid for with postal money orders and personal checks.

No one involved has ever been disciplined or prosecuted in connection with the gun purchases
Gee, I wonder why?

Rep. Boren of my state is playing "I'm on your side" it seems:
U.S. Rep. Dan Boren, a board member of the National Rifle Association, announced Wednesday he will serve as co-chairman of a new task force on gun rights.

“I am afraid we could witness a significant tilt to the left on gun issues in the current climate in Washington and that has me greatly concerned,” the Oklahoma Democrat said
Yeah, Tom Daschle was always 'very concerned' about things, too. Bluntly, I don't trust Boren; he's seemed to be quite willing to vote in ways to make Pelosi & Co. happy if he thinks he can slide on it back home. I suspect he wants to have a long career in DC like his father; unfortunately(if I'm right), he's got two things going for him:
He's a Democrat, and
His father is long-time Senator David Boren, and an awful lot of people will overlook almost anything and vote for him for those reasons. He may prove to be trustworthy on this, but I'll wait for proof.

More on the Most Ethical Congress Evah!
Burris’ Son Got State Job From Blago. And now he’s facing foreclosure, having made less than $3000 in payments on a $400K mortgage since 2006. Plus this: “Burris II built his home in the booming Bronzeville neighborhood on land he bought from the City of Chicago in 2000. City records show he paid $1 for the lot as part of an effort to clean up his once-blighted block.”

And more Open! from Obama: 'no earmarks' my ass.

A little more on the brilliance of Holder from Moe Lane:
Read the entire thing: there’s a good bit right after that which I didn’t reproduce because I’m trying to keep to fair use here. So, let’s recap: a spokesman who doesn’t know the actual law involved; a Senate that’s looking for an excuse to not act on this; and a House Speaker that’s both annoyed that she was out of the loop, and using language discussing the problem that is often associated with the NRA.
So while Holder is either unaware of the law or lying, he's also apparently stirring things up without letting Blinky of the House know what he's going to do; possible dueling simians with poo at five paces awaiting at some point.

Reasoned Discourse!
1. Post some hysterical bullcrap
2. Get called on it
3. Close comments.

You want to see a fine example of the attitude that's driven the Stupid Party into the ground?
Of course, they didn’t appoint Wurzelbacher as VP as they did with Sarah Palin. The two are of a piece: A faux populism that comes at the cost of alienating the intellectuals and serious leaders of the movement.
I'm guessing the 'intellectuals and serious leaders' are the morons who decided becoming Evil Party Lite was the way to win elections, and that spending like the drunk sailor on shore leave would help.

And I think Chris Muir has been following the news from OK:
And now, I've got ammo to load.

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