Saturday, February 28, 2009

I mentioned the other day it taking time to get to comments;

The fact is that many comments I have nothing to add to; most of those who post comments here have something to say, and they’re not insulting or belittling about it.

Which does bring up, I’ve had a remarkable lack of trolls or insulting boobs showing up. There was one jerk early on who left two nasties, then either lost interest and went away or got pissed at how I edited one of them and went off in a snit. Probably the worst I’ve had since was the guy who was informing me that the Bribes & Payoffs Bill and the Rip-Off Our Descendants Bill were actually good because most people aren’t smart enough to spend their money the right way, and he wasn’t nasty about it; mostly seemed to think I needed it explained in simple terms- so I might understand it- how The Obama & Co. taking all my money and giving it to thieves, liars and fools was actually a good thing. Which led to my telling him various unpleasant things, which I usually try to avoid, but I am so damn sick of being told by politicians and socialists that I can’t be ‘trusted’ to spend my money the ‘right’ way to suit them…

I actually do read all comments, so don't be shy about saying your piece; if you don't see a response, it means
I thought your bit stood on its own, and didn't need any addition,
Or I just haven't gotten to it yet.
If you throw in some kind of nasty bullcrap as a 'comment', don't be surprised it if morphs into you being an admitted gerbil molester.


Anonymous said...

Gerbil molesters are not good. And let's not even get started on the guinea pig molesters.

Anonymous said...

Well, If I can't be trusted to dispose of my own money in a proper manner, it's only right that I should make as little as possible and take as much support from the .gov as possible. Ask those weasles if this sounds like a good plan to them, and can we all count on their joining me in solidarity and bipartisanship. If everyone followed this course things would be a (non)workers paradise in no time!