Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let me note something else about the 'stimulus' bullcrap

You might remember that when Clinton & Co. shoved the 'assault weapons' ban through, one of their selling points was "This bill will increase the number of cops on the street by 100,000!" as I recall. A bunch of people pointed out that while there was money in the bill for hiring and training, after a few years(four or five) all that money would be gone, and the full cost of the those officers would be born by the cities that had hired them. And, sure enough, a few years later there was all kinds of fiscal woe due to the fact that "We can't afford to keep all these officers on", etc.

This is the same kind of crap that'll happen with this mess; all too many morons in various cities and states will extend themselves while ignoring this, and in a few years(assuming things last that long) they'll be screaming for more money from the feds(i.e., "Loot other states and cities to save us!") because they can't keep up the payments.

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