Friday, January 02, 2009

I touched on the Holocaust and some of the effects

earlier. If you've never seen it, or if you know someone who's fuzzy on the reality, buy/borrow/rent the disc from Band of Brothers with the episode Why We Fight(part 9, on disc 5 I believe). That covers when that unit found a small camp, and what they found. The whole set is worth watching, and I plan to buy it when I can; that one kind of haunts me.

Some years back I read something, no idea where, of an old couple who'd been rescued from one of the camps. I can't remember which one or the exact circumstances, but this one soldier remembered them seeing his name and finding out he was Jewish. They wondered at how big and strong he was, and the man said "And such a fine rifle!" Not only had they been saved, but there were Jews in the forces kicking the Nazis ass.

It may have been Joe Huffman, but somebody some time back referred to Jews as 'the canaries in the coal mine'; when they start falling over/being abused/being killed, it's time to either get out(depending where you are) or arm up because things are about to go/are going to hell. The fact that so many universities, so many 'human rights' assholes are willing to let islamists and other assorted Jew-haters get away with their crap is a very worrisome thing. And convinces me that Jews who think guns are evil and violence is always bad are either badly misled, or fools. The people they think they can make deals with adore Hitler, they think he just didn't do a good enough job of killing Jews and love the idea of building their own camps in which to play with Jews; how the hell can you think you can come to a peaceful agreement with beings like that?

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