Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cassy Fiano ran across a wonderful example of

liberal thought; he doesn't love this country, he's 'in like' with it.

I don't have the time or patience right now to hit this as it deserves, I'll just point to one bit:
When I look at the countries like people, I love Sweden the best.
Sweden. Where the islamics with the attitude of "You are my servant, unbelieving dog, and you better act like it" have taken over cities. Where the idea of freedom of speech has been trashed in the name of "You say something that upsets the nasty immigrants and we'll put you in jail." That Sweden. I guess the 'more relaxed attitude toward sex' makes up for that. Except that that's going down the drain as the islamists take over.

Oh, and I have to put this in also:
This doesn’t mean I’m not fascinated by American history, impressed by our Constitution or don’t appreciate our optimism and entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, I love everything Hannity listed on his TV special other than Madonna. But there are plenty of things I don’t like about America: our foreign policy, our religious fundamentalism, our provincialism, our intellectual laziness, our acceptance of sweat suits in public.
Sounds like the laundry list of every 'progressive' jackass out there who thinks heaven is a socialist nanny state like most of Europe. Got news for you, bunky: you think 'religious fundamentalism' is bad here? Check out what's going on in every city where the islamists have a big say in things(usually by threats to kill anyone who argues, burning cars, and preparing to take over and kill all the Jews and anyone else who's not a proper believer in their prophet, bees pee upon him); that's fundamentalism for you.

One more friggin' moron who thinks everywhere else is better. Apparently, just because it's not here.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to visit the toilet and properly express my opinion of this clown.


jdege said...

When I saw that, I immediately remembered this:

Born American, But in the Wrong Place

Anonymous said...

This attitude is by no means new. One example of it is referred to by Gilbert and Sullivan in their operetta, "The Mikado" which was first performed in 1885.

The song "As someday it may happen that a victim must be found" includes this:

"Then the idiot who praises, with enthusiastic tone,
All centuries but this, and every country but his own;"

Nothing new here. Offensive, yes. New, no. Just cause for termination? Maybe...

Firehand said...

Damn, I may have to listen to some G&S.

Thud said...

I have worked in some of the growing islamic ghettoes of,female,leftist liberal or just is not a good place to be.....luckily I'm just an angry capable chap so I had no problems that could not be sorted with the judicious application of force.