Sunday, December 28, 2008

If you ever thought about burying a gun & ammo,

Here's a considerably more in-depth report than my quicky 'seal the knives in a vacuum bag' one. As a side note, when Australia went all GFW a few years back, one of the Territories didn't have registration for a lot of newly-banned guns; a guy reported that for a while there you couldn't find any 6" PVC pipe, it all having been put to use by people who didn't like being robbed by the nannies and socialists.

Thanks to Keyboard for pointing to this.

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Anonymous said...

I have a couple of cheap .22 rifles rat-holed in out of the way places where I don't think anything short of massive earthquakes or someone who knows exactly where to look would bring them to the surface. Each has 1000 rounds of ammo with it. I chose to sequester them in far apart locations far away from my home in case anyone with a metal detector searches my yard.

I buried several scraps of galvanized iron pipe and truck axels in my yard as they give a signature similar to a rifle to ground penetrating radar and metal detectors. I realize nothing will likely come of it, but just in case, I can do some serious laughing when I'm on the other side lookinng down at very serious, intense young men dig up junk.

Cranky ol'

Gerry N