Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As my end-of-the-year "Bleep Off!" and hysterical laughter,

I bring you, for the first part, dhimmitude by a politician in Australia:
Conservative MP Fred Nile says he wants topless bathing banned in NSW to protect Sydney's Muslim and Asian communities.

The Reverend Nile has rejected allegations that prudishness is behind a bill he has prepared to ban nudity, including topless sunbathing, on the state's most popular beaches.

Australia's reputation as a conservative but culturally inclusive sociery was at risk of erosion by more liberal overseas visitors, he said.

"Our beaches should be a place where no one is offended, whether it's their religious or cultural views," he said
Awww, the poor little muzzies just have no self-control, it seems:
The practice was at risk of raising the ire of Muslim men in particular, Mr Nile said.

"I don't want to have any provocations or disturbances on our public beaches," he said
To both Mr. Nile and the poor little ever-offended muzzies: Fuck you. And the clapped-out camel you rode in on. Mr. Nile, acting to ban something that, as various people in the article say is a matter for local councils, just because you fear offending the BPMs is a nice attitude for a dhimmi, NOT for a free people. Kiss my ass, you coward. To the Muslim Men of Ire who are among the Legion of the Perpetually Offended, piss off. You moved to a country with different customs; stop expecting the whole damn country to change to suit you.

Now, to the laughter:
Hezbollah possesses a formidable arsenal of rockets and missiles that bloodied Israel during a monthlong war between them in 2006, but is constrained by its own domestic political goals and fears of Israeli retaliation.
And why would they fear that?
For its part, Israel has also been enhancing its army's capabilities. Israel's top commander on the border with Lebanon, Maj. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, warned in October that Israel would reply with "disproportionate force" if Hezbollah attacks again, adding that any village used to fire missiles against the Jewish state will be destroyed.
Oh, those nasty Jews, actually saying "We'll defend our land."
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hehehehe, snork. Hezbollah is forced to suffer an attack of good sense because the mean ol' Jews won't just sit there this time and suffer. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAA!

I shall now, still chuckling, see about that steak. No, I do not plan to hit any parties tonight; being in the middle of a crowd intent on getting drunk and stupid just doesn't have a whole lot of attraction to me, so I'll be at home. Considering the world, possibly loading some ammo, staying warm and comfortable. A Happy New Year to you all


Thud said...

Happy New Year!

Gauge said...

Happy New Year one and all.

Windy Wilson said...

You know, it used to be that the rejoinder to (non-muslims) who were offended by topless sunbathers, or something on TV, was, "Don't go there! Change the channel! If you don't initiate the offense to yourself by going there, there is no offense."
But in the case of someone who actually uses violence in the support of his prejudices -- tolerance goes out the window.
Rev Nile, you practice a dangerous form of hypocrisy. You might as well resign you position as pastor of whereever and sign up now with a Madrassas in Pakistan. You've demonstrated your predilection already.