Monday, December 15, 2008

The temp outside is 16, heading for a high of 25(if we're lucky);

I don't care what Tam says about training, I'm not hitting the range today. I have this thing about hands with no feeling and firearms, you see. Along with a severe dislike of the idea of frostbite. I'm ugly enough without making the situation worse in such a way.

We've escaped the ice problems some other parts of the country have had, undoubtedly disappointing some of the news morons; starting last Wednesday they started the "Freezing rain coming, probably Monday clear into Wednesday!" scares. Hmmm, the squirrel on the radio just said "...but a chance of freezing rain Wednesday and Thursday." Ok, NWS says 30% chance Wednesday night, which isn't a level I'm going to worry much about.

So, since I'm sitting here catching up on things... this is a nice way to put it:
Gov. Dead Meat is infected, not with some mental disorder, but with something far worse. He's got a raging case of feditis. They don't know if it's the isolated feditis or the creeping kind, threatening not only the locals but the reform image of their guy about to assume the White House.
as explanation of the antics in IL right now. Well, if I had connections with a corrupt governor who's connected to damn near everyone in the Legislature and the courts, I'd be a bit worried, too. Especially with Rezco already singing, I imagine there's some very worried people about the idea of the infection spreading. For that matter, Gov. Blago should be very careful, as there are an awful lot of people who'd be very (quietly) happy if he had a fatal accident.

And some people are pushing Emanuel to resign due to his contacts with Blago. I have a question: since it would not have been a big deal to say "Of course I'd spoken with the Governor about who I'd favor to fill my old Senate seat", why the lies? I mean, shades of Clinton, Obama & Co. just seemed to lie about it as a reflex, without thought. Not a good way to get started, people.

Ah, well, I've got stuff to do. More word on my exciting life and views thereof later.

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Anonymous said...

Why the lies? They're democrat politicians, it's what they do. They could no more tell the truth than a rattlesnake could drive a truck.

The really sad part of this is that most of the people in this country either believe them or don't care.

Gerry N.