Friday, December 19, 2008

The authorities in Tennessee seem to have tried to slip in

a backdoor registration system for concealed-carry permit holders, but it kind of blew up in their faces.

They're saying it was 'a mistake', 'no intention of building a registration system', etc. I call bullcrap because, as Jon says,
Sorry Tam, but after working with State employees for a bit now, I can say that it was intentional. No one creates a form and sends it outside the office without a) a committee, b) at least one level of supervision of that person reviewing the form.
In this case, if it was the result of an audit, then the auditors or auditor’s liaison had to sign off on it too.
I don't believe this just 'slipped through', etc. This was done intentionally, and now they're in CYA mode. I mean, c'mon, does anyone really think a form set up this was didn't have to be approved at least once by someone in authority?

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