Saturday, December 20, 2008

As Ace puts it, these people are out of their friggin'

But gathering physical evidence, backed by powerful simulations on the world's most advanced computer climate models, is reshaping that view and lending strong support to the radical idea that human-induced climate change began not 200 years ago, but thousands of years ago with the onset of large-scale agriculture in Asia and extensive deforestation in Europe.

What's more, according to the same computer simulations, the cumulative effect of thousands of years of human influence on climate is preventing the world from entering a new glacial age, altering a clockwork rhythm of periodic cooling of the planet that extends back more than a million years.

"This challenges the paradigm that things began changing with the Industrial Revolution," says Stephen Vavrus, a climatologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Center for Climatic Research and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. "If you think about even a small rate of increase over a long period of time, it becomes important."

I wonder if they're still using the calculations that produced the hockey-stick graph?

And these clowns expect people to not only buy this, but to change the whole human society based on this crap. We're supposed to believe that the same people who have frequently lied about figures and facts(all to Save Us All, of course), who've used climate modeling that at times is hugely flawed and at best largely guesswork- especially when they're trying to play games with data from thousands of years ago- are going to tell us the Total Unbiased Truth now. Which, to them, is that a global human population smaller than the population of a lot of major cities somehow changed the whole global climate with farming and house-building.

Of course, The Obama- a true believer himself- has appointed as his science guy a nut who still thinks Paul Erlich was and is right. So the enviroweenies and watermelons have friends in high places, God help us all.

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...God help us all.

You want to be really p!ssed off?   Check this out over at SDA tonight.   And remember.   It's for the children!