Saturday, December 20, 2008

And further on incompetent LE and dead dogs

The homeowner said when police went into the garage she heard three shots. The homeowner said an officer told her they shot the dog and the dog ran off.

The 2-year-old Dalmatian was found the Wednesday morning at a neighbor's home.

Officer said they were looking for a material witness in a gang member's trial, but they entered the wrong home. Police entered 1468B, instead of 1468A.

Officers said the dog charged and the officer felt he was in imminent danger and shot the dog
Oh, of COURSE he was. I mean, just because he went to the wrong damn house and the dog acted in defense of his territory. Where(see 'wrong home' above) they had no bleeping business being.

What is so damned hard about looking at the bloody address BEFORE you start kicking doors?
The investigators intended to serve the search warrant at a home on Valley Spring Drive in Lawrenceville about 9:15 a.m. One of the investigators mistakenly pointed out another house nearby.

Once the officers forced entry to the house, they briefly detained a male and female resident before determining they were in the wrong place.

The search was immediately halted and no intrusive search was ever executed, said police spokeswoman Cpl. Illana Spellman. A supervisor came to the scene to further explain the situation and apologize to the residents.

The department also is paying to repair their front door, Spellman said.

And, remember the jackasses who shot the two labs in the bad raid? Including the one that hid and they chased down to kill? Well, their department(of course) says they did no wrong:
The Prince George's County Sheriff's Office has concluded in an internal review that its deputies were justified when they shot and killed two dogs belonging to the mayor of Berwyn Heights during a July drug raid, Sheriff Michael Jackson said yesterday. ...

A sheriff's department SWAT team and county police narcotics officers burst into the mayor's home July 29 after police intercepted a 32-pound package of marijuana addressed to Trinity Tomsic, Calvo's wife.

Police cleared Calvo and Tomsic of wrongdoing, saying they were victims of a drug smuggling scheme in which drug-filled packages addressed to unsuspecting recipients were intercepted by a FedEx deliveryman

Hmmm, investigated themselves and found nothing wrong, surprise, surprise.

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