Saturday, December 20, 2008

The bigoted morons and the dirtbags are out in force

lately. Bigoted morons who've decided the southern states need a 'third Reconstruction':
The alternative to the Southernization of the U.S. is the Americanization of the South — a process that was not completed by Reconstruction and the New Deal and the Civil Rights era, which can be thought of as the Second Reconstruction. The non-Southern states, through their representatives in Congress and the executive branch, and with the help of enlightened Southerners, need to use the power of the federal government to put a stop to the Southern conservative race-to-the-bottom strategy once and for all.

Yeah. A 'race to the bottom' that includes lots of tech development and people who actually work without a union controlling their every movement and populations that aren't shrinking because A: people here generally like the idea of families and kids and B: people are moving here to get away from the morons like the writer at Salon and states like the People's Republics of MA and NY. Can't have that, can we?

In the dirtbag category, we have the crapheads at Wikileaks who seem to think that revealing information like this and putting troops at increased risk counts as 'whistleblowing'. If they had said something like "There are reports that some jammers affect communications", there might be an argument for it; but what these assholes did is inexcusable, and this kind of CYA bullcrap should be treated as what it is. And I hope the morons run into some troops who've depended on these systems and said troops kick their ass.

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