Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ok, how many BS statements can you find

in this? I mean, not counting the bit Uncle pointed out:
Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan dismissed the notion hunting rifles and shotguns are not the type of weapons authorities need to be worried about, noting they can cause harm if poorly safeguarded or stolen by burglars.

"Taking these off the streets is as important as the taking the handguns off the streets,'' he said
Of course, they're always saying "We don't want to take your hunting rifle or shotgun", but according to this DA they do. I mean, you shouldn't be allowed to own something that, if someone steals and misuses it, could hurt someone. Like cars, prescription drugs, knives...(they haven't said it yet, but I've no doubt the nannies are getting there)

No note of how many of the surrendered firearms were in working order, for instance, yet the blanket statement that 2,631 guns handed in "That's potentially more than 2,600 lives saved,". You can throw an awful lot of crap in under 'potentially'.

And, speaking of idiot politicians looking for a nice, PC way of pretending to fix a problem,
"I'd like to look at gun laws, frankly. Penalties for illegal guns," said Ballard.

Ballard said he knows many will oppose the idea, and he wants to make clear what kind of guns he'd target.

"I have no problem with second amendment legal guns. No problem what so ever on that. It's the illegal guns that are concerning," said Ballard
As Codrea says, "Good grief." This is a marvelous example of a politician who
A: has no damned idea what he's talking about and
B: put no real thought into this before throwing it out.
God knows what he thinks 'second amendment legal' guns are.

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