Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"What? Insecticide? No, no, we'll allow nets."

This rant is going to upset a friend, but I’m too ticked off not to blow off some heat.

Just saw a commercial from the United Methodist something. “Malaria is a bad problem.” No argument. “Malaria harms millions in Africa.” Without question. “Bednets are the answer.” What?

Oh, yeah, the whole thing is for a setup ‘Nothing But Nets’. Never mind that nets only work when you’re in the bed, and don’t have holes or get disarranged. Never mind a little DDT will run the bugs off or kill them for months. And never mind that, used properly, it doesn’t bother people or animals, and is far more affordable; oh, no, using DDT might make Mama Gaia tear up or something. And who wants the locals to actually buy something and do it themselves? I mean, don’t they know we’re supposed to save them and take care of them?

Kind of hard to describe just how pissed I was by the time that commercial finished.



Anonymous said...

This is of the notion that it's okay for brown people to die as long as we feel good about ourselves.


I believe that it was Kenya that went back to controlled use of DDT to control its malaria problem. IIRC the drop in the number of new cases of the disease was dramatic.

Anonymous said...

Gotta hand it to those United Methodists...I am one, but they piss me off...and I am currently not "practicing". I worship God in my own way now.

Those United Methodists "high ups" (cough, spit...gag) in the church are also saying bullshit about, yep!, you guessed it, GUNS! Dumb asses!