Saturday, November 29, 2008

A bit more on the Mumbai type attacks over here and in Europe

from Canada:
When "red-teaming" potential attacks inside Western Europe and North America, counter-terror officials have often refused to even contemplate attacks like this. Mumbai-type attacks are seen as too complicated to war-game in training exercises. Moreover, the idea of a hostage situation with a gang of gunmen in a high-rise has been seen as too "Hollywood" ( Die Hard, to be more specific) to be tackled seriously.

Too 'Hollywood'. How many people writing blogs have specifically written about, worried about, exactly this kind scenario? Apparently, we're smarter than some of the officials, because any similarities to a movie didn't keep people from thinking about it.

The simple fact is that there's not enough police in any city in the world to deal with a multi-point attack like this. Which means if the bad guys get through the screen and into the country, they're half-way there to a successful attack. And considering the lack of enthusiasm by a lot of amnesty-minded socialists in DC, getting into this country isn't going to be all that difficult. Especially with the drug gangs in Mexico quite happy to help anyone in, with whatever equipment they have, for the right price. And a lot of Mexican officials happy to look the other way so long as the terrorists only attack us lousy Americans.

As Lawdog put it a while back,
"But, LawDog, I'm a CCW, not a cop. I'm not going to be responding to bank robberies."

Given that terrorism isn't going away any time soon, I'd not bet the ranch on that, but that's a discussion for another time.

Any CCW should be practising for home invasions; those who own vehicles should be practising carjacking drills; if you work in an office, office shooter drills -- all these and more.

Up until fairly recent history, most people who carry or have something for self-defense in the home or car, were worried about armed robbers and rapists and carjackers; right now, you could find yourself in the front line of fighting a terrorist attack. Not a happy thought in any way, but we'd better be considering it.

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