Sunday, November 23, 2008

I guess something about Palin just scares the little bastards to death,

and they can't stop talking about her. And calling her names. And demonstrating what candy-ass little clowns they really are. Just flat amazing.

Speaking of bastards, this is what Obama wants for his Attorney General. Yeah, that's really hopey-changey, all right; an GFW Statist AG who thinks the First Amendment doesn't include people he doesn't like. Freakin' wonderful.

Speaking of candy-ass, some of the media seem to be, ah, confessing to their behavior in the Presidential campaign. With suitable excuses, of course. Please note that 'suitable' doesn't include "He's our man, so we have to help elect him. Investigate him and report? Forget it, we've got that plumber and Palin to screw over."

Speaking of bastards, the tax cheating by Rangel just keeps showing up. I repeat: if you or I pulled crap like this, we'd be lucky if we weren't already in front of a judge entering a plea.

Powerline notes the chance that if judges in CA tell the voters they're stupid and throw out the Prop. 8 vote, the voters have a way to go after them. And they should.

There was a gun show in town this weekend, and I went for a bit. It was what most in the area have unfortunately become: small. No ammo dealers, no parts(except for old bits & pieces some people had out. There have been two groups doing shows the last few years, and they tend to put them too close together, and it's run things down a lot. The only ones you can count on being decent are the Hall of Fame and Sooner shows, and they're down from what they used to be, I think because of the overdoing by the two groups.

Anything with AR or AK as a model prefix was selling fast, except for some AK variants that the owners had WAY overpriced.

I now have somewhat more constructive things to do, see you folks later.

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Anonymous said...

A woman with a brain...and she knows how to use it. Now that will scare the shit out of anyone.