Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh, it's been such a FUN day...

Start with about an hour and a half of sleep. Get up, go to work. Get off, help someone with a flat, take care of a couple of things and then get to the doctors office for the appointment. You're shown to an exam room after only a few minutes, great, right?

It would be. If you hadn't been left there, apparently forgotten, for damn near an hour after the time of the appointment. Which would have been longer, except that at that point you said the hell with it and left. It took about 30 minutes to get home, and right after you walk in the phone rings. "Mr. Firehand?"
"This is Doctor Jerkwad's office, are you all right?"
"Except for being left in the exam room for an hour, yes."
"Ah, Doctor Jerkwad just checked your room and you weren't there."
"Yeah, and nobody noticed me leaving, either, did they?"
Another pause.
"I'm sorry for your wait-"
"Yeah. Thanks." Click.

I've got a couple of letters to write tomorrow.


Arthur said...

Most doctors around here charge you a fee for a broken appointment. Why not treat them in the same manner?

Fire said...

Firehand, I can be your doctor. I'll take good care of you. ;)

I've had that shit happen to me too many damn times. Arthur's onto something there. Send them a bill for your time.

Anonymous said...

Never ceases to amaze me how people in the health care field seem to feel that their time is more valuable then your time.
My idea is that when you get their bill you should calculate the amount of time you sat past your appointment, multiply it by your hourly wage, and then deduct that amount from the bill.

And I really love the medical professionals who schedule multiple patients at the same time; then run from room to room. Dentists are especially good at this.