Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tam has noted some things on which she is

unplugged from current music, etc. I sympathize. Or agree with. Whatever. In the truck I tend to listen to a local AM station during the day for news and talk shows; evening I may try a couple of the FM stations, but not often; just don't like most of what they play, so on goes the CD player.

Back a couple of years I worked a lot of late nights. We had cable and could watch it when things were quiet, and sometimes I'd just have it on for background noise. One of the channels I'd turn on was VH1 for music, which allowed me to catch some new music I liked, and I'd just ignore the rest. Then VH1 started doing the same thing MTV had done: only playing music videos for a few hours very late night/early morning, the rest of the time it was idiot 'reality' shows and excuses for current pop or other idiots to spout off about things. CMT's about as bad last time I looked, so started ignoring those channels completely. Which hasn't exactly troubled my life.

Movies? Rarely go to a theater; most of the stuff is crap, and the few that aren't, unless I can catch a discount showing, aren't worth the money and pain in the ass of going to a theater(hello, DVD).

So I'm in the same boat. Which seems to be sailing along nicely, thank you. I still haven't decided if I'm going to get one of the converters for HDTV in February, or just use the tv for watching discs and tapes. Mind you, if I could get cable with maybe eight channels(Discovery, History, etc.) I'd probably buy it, but the whole package? With all those channels I'd never watch? Nope.

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